Kirby Smarts One Year Georgia Bulldog Review

*Smarts Experience with the Bulldogs:

The Bulldogs recently opened a brand new indoor facility. The next project involves Sanford Stadium renovations. It is estimated that a whopping $53 Million dollars is needed to complete the new renovation plan.

It is said that the $50 plus million dollars will be raised through fund raising efforts of the athletic department. In addition to fund raising efforts, a small portion of the monies needed may come from a special reserve fund that is normally set aside for emergencies.

The new renovation plans involve relocating the existing locker room and creating a 500 seat recruiting area. In addition, the existing scoreboard will be moved to another location. The entire project is expected to take about a year and a half possibly longer.

The newly renovated Sanford Stadium should be open for business by the end of 2018. Kirby Smart has explained in recent interviews the renovation project as well a the advantages of a newly updated indoor facility.

Smart spoke candidly about the new facility as well as the cost involved. Kirby Smart seemed quite excited when he spoke about the new sound system that the facility will have installed.

Smart also spoke about his new coaching experience as head coach of the Georgia Bull Dogs. Smart says coaching the team is like a unique learning experience. In addition, Smart also spoke about the devotion the players seem to have for the team as well as their hard work.

Kirby Smart discussed predictions about the team as well as why he believes Georgia Tech will ultimately beat Georgia. There are many highs and lows that go with coaching a demanding team.

It appears that Georgia has a remarkable defense however it seems Georgia gave Smart one of his first wins since he began coaching. Teams can be unpredictable but you must always have faith in what you are doing. This is a motto that most coaches attempt to follow.

*Strengths & Weaknesses of Professional Sports:

There was a week two match up that took place against Nichols which seemed be a low point of the season. However, Georgia maintained a victory of 26-24 over a team that ended up finishing in fifth place. The team that finished fifth was in the South land Conference.

Smart admits that he made a big mistake when he decided to “sky kick” the ball. This mistake on Smarts part enabled Tennessee to take the ball across the field. This incident ultimately caused a 15 yard penalty. Kirby Smart chalks up this error to part of the learning process. Even coaches learn from mishaps and errors. Certain mistakes enable coaches plan a better strategy for future games.

Previously Kirby Smart has never been a head football coach in any capacity. It was not until 2016 that Smart had his first taste of professional coaching. Smart only hopes that his experience will ultimately turn into wins for both himself and the team members.

Many feel Smart is young and ambitious which is a huge advantage to the team. It seems any past mistakes that Smart experienced while coaching will certainly help him to plan and initiate a better playing strategy in up and coming games.

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