Outlook For Georgia Bulldog Football In 2017

Last season was a hard one for the Georgia Bulldogs that being said, things are looking up for the Dawgs and their faithful fans. It would be a long stretch for Georgia to see a National Title shot, but there were those that said the Cubs winning the World Series was a long shot. That being said, there is reason to believe that they may actually crack the top ten in rankings this season. There are a lot of returning players from last years squad and those that left are being replaced with a stronger and more capable recruiting class. Let’s take a look at a few of these players that promise to make an impact in 2017.

Mercole Hardman
This is a man that I fully expect to see in the punt return position more than in the past. There is one simple reason why I see him in this position and that is he can run and make plays happen that others could only dream about. There is no doubt that at least once this year, you will see him receive a punt and a few seconds later you will hear the announcer scream touchdown. This is a scene I see happening a lot in the upcoming season. The only concern might be the knee that has given him some slight trouble in the past, that being taken out of the equation, I see this being his year.

The punter position will need some help this year as there is chaos in this area. Marshall Long is recovering from a major knee injury and Brice Ramsey is not exactly the man for the job. All of this means that the kicker position will fall on the shoulders of Cameron Nizialek, who happened to announce almost as if it was timed he was transferring to Georgia this year. This is going to be a welcomed sign as this position needs to be filled and there needs to be a strong kicker that can get the ball down the field.

Nick Chubb and Sony Michel
With these two players returning this season, there is a lot of reason why fans of the Bulldogs should celebrate. These two put together make for a dynamic duo that will be hard to beat by any team that Georgia faces this season. This will be one of the reasons why the Bulldogs will be in the top ten rankings this season and should easily take the SEC East title.

The Bulldogs will have one of the top defensive teams this season and it will be a tough feat for the opposition to score any real points on the Bulldogs. That being said, there is little doubt that the defense will not be one of the top ranked teams in the nation in 2017. Trenton Thompson will be the one that will lead the defense this season and look for him to make some big plays. There are a lot of people myself included that think this will be a man that will be putting the Quarterback on the ground a lot this season.

Overall, this is shaping up to be a great season for those die hard Georgia fans. Things have not went exceptionally well in the past few seasons, but this will be the year that things begin to turn around. It will not lead to a National Title, but in a couple of years, this will be the team to talk about. Besides does anyone really know what exactly a Crimson Tide is and how it has to do with an elephant?

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